MII Series is well-adapted for corporate branding graphics in exterior applications. Banners, custom color flags applied vinyl and even custom color MII components all strengthen your presence at any public event. Overhead shade cloth canopy components can provide shade and color as well.

Guinness World Record Event

Demonstrating its flexibility, the MII series provided the structure for a Guinness World Record™ event. Innovative Brands, the maker of Pert Plus for Men 2-in-1 secured two records with Guinness World Records™ by breaking the world record for the largest shower and setting a record for the most people showering simultaneously during an event at Six Flags Great American & Hurricane Harbor in Gurnee, IL. It also provided the support for the overhead water supply as well as large product promotional banners.

The shower measured 100ft(l) x 31ft(w) x 10ft(h), and provided the framework for the entire spray system. Since the MII Series is usable indoors or outdoors, it was impervious to the water and sun.

World’s Largest Shower

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