MII dims

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Based in Sarasota Florida, OMS is the research, design development company and manufacturer of the MII Series Modular Retail System; a unique modular system for trade shows and corporate events. Now, you can create a modular 3-dimensional space for interior and exterior merchandising and display applications.

The MII structure is manufactured in a durable, lightweight and easy-to-assemble polyethylene. Composed of custom molded interconnecting 5 ft. and 10 ft. modular components, you can reconfigure columns, walls and headers to form different shapes and sizes to accommodate the various trade shows and corporate events you attend.

The MII Series Modular Merchandising System has been designed, developed, Patented and produced in the United States, with registration in Europe and in Canada.


A- Column
B- Header
C- Connector Wall
D- Column Base
E- Connector
F- Flag
G- Banner

Create indoor and outdoor event space that enhances awareness of your products and increases traffic in many environments. The system can easily accommodate large venues, including presentations and product displays.

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